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School Governing Bodies

The Head Teacher and staff of Whitecliffe Primary School are accountable to their governing body, which in turn are accountable to parents and the community. Parent and staff representatives are elected to our governing body. In addition, the governing body can appoint its own community governors, and it is these posts which the governing body uses to cover skills gaps, hence these posts often being offered to governors from the business community. Increasingly local authority appointment panels also look to the skills set of appointees. Therefore, Whitecliffe Primary aims to strengthen the skill set of their governing body at every opportunity.


The Governing Body of Whitecliffe Primary school:

Chair of Governors: Mr Josh Hukin – Assistant Principal at Freebrough Academy
Vice Chair of Governors: Dr. Keith Hurst – Assistant Dean Teesside University

Governor: Father Adam – Local Rector
Governor: Mr Neil Anderson – Managing Director of Caterpillar

Governor: Mr Robert Cole – Senior Leader and Teacher at Whitecliffe
Governor: Mrs Tracy Dixon – Teaching Assistant at Whitecliffe
Governor: Mrs Marion Smith – Parent and Teaching Assistant at Whitecliffe

2 Parent Governors are currently being recruited to post (Autumn 1 2016)

The Value of School Governance

Our Governing body makes decisions which are in the best interests of the children and young people. Fulfilling the role of a school governor is a serious undertaking at Whitecliffe Primary School and enormously rewarding. Not only do governors bring their own knowledge and skills to the role, but, in learning how our school runs, they often develop their own understanding of leadership in Education. Their employers are supportive of their staff taking on governor responsibilities at Whitecliffe Primary School. In addition, governors feel contributing to the growth and development of our school and seeing tangible improvements in the attainment and well being of the children is a satisfying and important contribution to the local community.

The Role of the Governing Body

The governing body is responsible for the conduct of our school, and promotes high standards of educational achievement. It is the school’s accountable body and as such:

  • provides a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework. It appointed and performance manages the Headteacher, agreeing the school improvement strategy which includes setting statutory targets with supporting budgets and staffing structures
  • monitors and evaluates the work of the school by reviewing the performance of the Headteacher, the effectiveness of the policy framework, progress towards targets, and the effectiveness of the school improvement strategy
  • signs off the self evaluation process and responds to school improvement service and Ofsted reports as necessary. In addition, it holds the Headteacher to account for the performance of the school and ensures that parents are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate, with information to the community being made available as required.

In order to do this, governors gain knowledge of how our school operates through training, by attending meetings, and by getting to know our school community; by carrying out a small number of visits to the school during the school day as part of their Link Governor Role. This consists of participating in the monitoring and evaluation activities across the year to ensure strong governance.

Please find below link to the following documents:

Register of Business Interests

Committee Membership 

Membership – August 2015