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Local Offer for Parents

Identification of needs

At Whitecliffe Primary School we are committed to ensuring all children achieve their very best by meeting the individual needs of all of our children. As an inclusive school, we provide a differentiated and creative curriculum dependent on the child’s needs. It is important to us that all children are able to learn in a positive and stimulating environment. We aim to ensure the early identification of children requiring SEND provision and that the best provision is in place for individuals. Parents are fully informed and are encouraged to have an active role in enabling support for their child. Parents regularly attend meetings to discuss their child’s progress and attainment.


When the school identifies the need for additional intervention to enable a pupil to make expected progress, the parents/carers will be informed of the planned support and may be invited to a meeting at the school to discuss this further. We will monitor the progress of all children receiving additional support to ensure that the provision we have put in place is having the impact we are expecting.


All teachers are provided with information on the needs of individual pupils, so that they can plan the learning within our curriculum, to ensure that all pupils are able to make progress.
Differentiation is planned for groups and individuals according to need.


The school has a disabled toilet facility. The school also has ramps and wheelchair access.

Parental Involvement

Annual reports and once termly Parents’ Evenings give all parents and carers regular feedback on their child’s up to date academic levels, individual reading, writing and maths targets and any behavioural,emotional or social difficulties. A ‘Quality discussion record’ in the Autumn and Spring terms is completed with parents for all children, that sets out personal targets.

Overall wellbeing

The well being of all of our pupils is our primary concern at WhitecliffePrimary. They are supported with their social and emotional development throughout the school day, through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) are integral to our curriculum.Additional support from specialist staff is arranged as needed for individual pupils, both in and out of the classroom; a tailored personal plan may be put in place for pupils with the highest need.Our Behaviour Policy; which includes guidance on expectations, rewards and sanctions is fully understood and in place by all staff. We regularly monitor attendance, support pupils returning to school after absence and take the necessary actions to prevent prolonged unauthorised absence.Relevant staffs are trained to support medical needs and in some cases all staff receives training. We have a medical policy in place.Pupils’ views are sought through school council and other forums.

Specialist Services

We regularly liaise with outside agencies to access specialist support andalso training for our staff, in order to meet the needs of individual children who need extra support. We work with: the Speech and Language Therapy Service, Educational Psychologists, Early Intervention Support, School Nursing team, Health Visitors, Counsellors, Behaviour Support Staff, ASD staff, the Specialist Teaching Service, Occupational Therapy service, Physiotherapy, Hearing Impaired Service, Visually Impaired Service, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and others, depending upon the needs of our children.

Staff Training

Many of our staff are experienced in working with a variety of areas in SEND. We offer small group or individualised intervention programmes to help pupils make progress. We are proactive and aim to provide appropriate support for individuals as far as the school budget will allow.

Activities outside of the school

Our children are offered a wide range of activities outside of school. When planning such activities consideration of the needs of the children involved is given and parents are consulted with to check the suitability of a planned activity.


We take care in making sure that all new children to the school settle in to school life and are monitored closely by class teachers during this induction period. We have very good relationships with our local secondary schools and we share information to support pupils’ learning and well-being at transition. Further support is provided as necessary for those with SEND including additional visits to the new setting, both individually and as part of an enhanced transition programme for identified pupils.

SEND Resources

School has a wide range of classroom resources, activities and equipment to support children with SEND. Any specialist equipment or resources that have been recommended by specialists are purchased whenever possible. There are additional support assistants through school to support those children with exceptional needs.

Further information:

Mrs Sara McCallum – Executive Head 
Mr Robert Cole – Head of School
Mrs Rebecca Lightwing – Assistant Head & SENDCo

Email: [email protected]