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Vision & Aims

At Whitecliffe we have the highest expectation and aspirations for our children and the community we serve. To support this, our vision and motto is:

“To be the best that we can be in all that we do”

We hope to instil this vision deep within our children, to develop a self belief and a natural motivation for learning. We believe empowering children to want to achieve their best will inspire them to set their own high standards and develop positive attitudes for life-long learning.

As a leadership team and committed staff this vision equates to:

“a relentless drive for raising standards for every child, within every year group and key stage, to ensure all children achieve their full potential and are ready for each phase of their learning journey”

Our Aims:

  • To be committed to providing the highest quality provision for teaching and learning; by continually evaluating our practices and improving what we do to meet the diverse needs of our children.
  • To provide a safe, caring, environment where children feel happy, secure and valued within an ethos based on understanding rights and responsibilities; to develop caring individuals who show respect to others and the environment inside and outside of school.
  • To ensure children have the best opportunities to develop key skills, knowledge and attributes within a broad and balanced curriculum which supports and challenges children to achieve their full potential.
  • To make our school a central part of the community where parents feel welcome to: come in and share their views and opinions; to obtain support when needed; enjoy family hook it days and become an integral part of their child’s learning journey.
  • To have the confidence of our parents, children and the wider community that we are providing the best possible education for all.