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Our EYFS Teachers are:

Mrs. Lightwing (EYFS Lead) & Mr. Bennett

Our EYFS Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs McMillan 

Mrs Bowmaker

Mrs Smith

Miss Redford

Mrs Taylor

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We ask that our children are read with every week at home and that book bags are brought in regularly to enable us to change reading books.

School Uniform:

Children must attend school in their full school uniform. 

July 2018

Hola! As part of our first topic, we are learning all about the people and communities in the country of Mexico! Our children loved playing with the Mexican props in the classroom and exploring all the different ways they can dress! We set up a photo booth and the children enjoyed exploring different ways of dressing! 


September 2018

Welcome back! See what we are up to this term through our Autumn Medium Term Plan!

This week the children have been settling into our routine and have been making new friends in our class. The children have been amazing and have taken Whitecliffe Academy in their stride! We are all so proud of the children’s efforts in class and out of class. 

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The children brought in photographs of their families and discussed who is in their family! It was great to see the similarities and differences within our families! The children then went on to draw their families on our iPads and Interactive Whiteboard.

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The children have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. They retold the story using our Goldilocks themed tuff spot. We enjoyed shouting ‘SOMEONE’S BEEN IN MY BED’ to our friends!

We used our porridge oats to make our very own flapjacks, we each had a turn adding ingredients and we were surprised how much sugar was in our school-made snack! We made sure we brushed our teeth after we ate our delicious flapjacks!

We started Read, Write Inc. with our children and they are working so hard to remember and write their sounds. 

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We have been exploring where we live! After reading, ‘Funny Bones’ and finding out that the skeletons had a Zoo, Park and a Police Station, we decided to find out what is in our local area! We walked around Carlin How with our parents and looked at the differences and similarities in our homes, roads and cars! We found out that we have a Post Office, Hairdressers, Garage and Community Center. 


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We have been learning all about autumn! We have been exploring outside and finding leaves of all colours! We counted the leaves we found and crunched them in our hands and feet! We have also been learning about Harvest Festival and looking at the different foods that are harvested and celebrated at this time of year. 

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We visited Saltburn Fire Station to learn about fire safety. The firefighters explained how to keep safe on Bonfire Night and how we could take care of our pets when they get stressed. It was very informative and our children loved hearing about how they could be safe around fires. We were able to experience what it was like to be a firefighter by wearing their uniforms and using their hose pipe! It was an amazing day and a huge thank you to all the firefighters who helped us that day! 


November 2018

Remembrance Day was a special day where the children reflected on those who has been lost in the wars. The children created poppies and listened to why we wear poppies. Our class visited the cenotaph to pay our respects and lay our poppies. 

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December 2018


EYFS have been celebrating Christmas and the children were lucky enough to visit Santa at Skinningrove Mining Museum. All our children and parents walked down to Skinningrove. 


January 2019!

Happy New Year! Welcome back! This term we are learning all about Winter! The weather has treated us to some sparkling snow and frosty flakes over the first few weeks. We made sure that our children were able to experience the snow to the fullest and we sledged with our friends and explored the icy, white outsides. EYFS made sure they wrapped up in their warm coats and hats to protect them from the frost. 



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