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Local Offer for Children

Identification of Needs

If you might need extra help with your learning, your teacher will talk to you about how they might be able to help you. Every term your teacher will talk to you about your learning, when completing your Individual Learning Contract with you. This will usually be done in a meeting with you and your parents. Targets will be set at this meeting. You will be able to discuss these targets with your teacher, so that you understand what they are and how you will achieve them.


If you feel like you need extra help, the first person to talk to is your class teacher. Each term your teacher discussed new targets with you as part of your Individual Learning Contact. If in between these meetings you need some support, then talk to your teacher or the other members of staff in your classroom. Some children need extra help with certain things. If your teacher feels that you might need some extra help, they will speak t you and your parents to arrange this. The school can ask for help from other people who might be able to provide you with further support.


The teachers plan lessons so that all of the children can take part and learn as much as possible. The teacher will arrange the class so that everyone can be supported in their learning. Sometimes, you might work individually, in a pair or in a small group. Sometimes you might have the support of an adult, who will work with you or a group of children to help you to reach your potential.

My Involvement

You will be involved in the Individual Learning Contract meeting, where the next steps or your learning will be explained to you and your parents. You may sometimes be asked to look at your work and use success criteria to help you think about whether you met your learning objective and how you might improve your work.


The staff who work with you i your class will support you in your learning. They will make sure you understand the explanations and instructions that they give you, so that you can be more independent. When you have completed your piece of work, your teacher may check it with you, or they might mark it after the lesson and write comments on it, that you will show you how you have done and what your next steps are.


If you are worried about anything to do with school, you should speak to one of the members of staff who work with your class. We have a school council with representatives in each class. If you have any ideas/concerns you can ask your class representatives to discuss them at their regular meetings.

Involvement in Activities Outside of the Classroom

When teachers plan activities outside of the classroom, they consider the needs of all children and make sure that all children will be able to take part. Parents are sent information about all activities that you might take part in. If you want to talk part in after school activities that are run by other people, talk you your class teacher who will be able to find out if and how you can take part.


If you are a new member of the school you will be supported by the staff in your class, who will be able to explain rules, expectations and routines to you. As you move up the school, you will get to meet new teachers before the summer holidays so that you are familiar with them before September. When you are ready to leave Whitecliffe and you and your parents have decided which secondary school you will be going to, you will take part in transition days/activities, so that you are introduced to your new school before leaving Whitecliffe…