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Play Leaders

Our Year 5 children perform a very important job in our playground. Every lunchtime they don their yellow playleader bibs and go into the playground to lead playground games.

The children, who are all volunteers from Year 5, have a special chest of equipment which comes out on a rota basis and they teach our younger children safe and fun ways to play.

The playground is divided into zones, each area having a different activity each day.

Stage zone

Children have a range of dressing up clothes to dress up in and enjoy imaginative play.

Basketball zone

Children learn some simple basketball skills and are able to have a go shooting at the basket.

Small game zone

Here children are taught some of the old fashioned playground games like, ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’

Race zone

This is held on our track. Children can try lots of different types of race including obstacle race.

Twosy ball zone

Children can play two ball games against the wall.

Skipping zone

Children can play skipping games.