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Play Leaders

Our key stage two children perform a very important job in our playground. Every lunchtime they don their yellow playleader bibs and go into the playground to lead playground games and promote the importance of physical activity, supporting each other and team work.

The children, all of whom applied for the position of Play Leader, where they discussed the ways in which they could have a positive impact on our pupils as a play leader, have a special chest of equipment which comes out on a rota basis. They teach our younger children safe and fun ways to play and be active.

The playground is divided into zones, each area having a different activity each day. These zones are devised by our Play Leaders and Mrs Bell, our School Sports Coordinator (who also trains our play leaders). The activities are regularly assessed and adapted to meet the needs of the children, based on pupil voice findings. Activities are also changed termly or half-termly to provide a wide range of activities throughout the year.

Our main aim is for children to develop a healthy mind and healthy body, through daily physical activity and social interaction, that they will continue throughout their lives.