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At Whitecliffe Academy, we know there can be no issue of greater importance to parents and carers than the safety of their children; safeguarding is high on our agenda. At Whitecliffe Academy we give high priority to getting our safeguarding procedures right and have a team of staff responsible for keeping children and learners safe and supporting those most vulnerable to harm and neglect. Meet the Safeguarding Team by accessing our safeguarding poster below.

Safeguarding is an essential part of the fabric of our school and our safeguarding team pays particular attention to the meticulous and systematic implementation of policies and routines. Furthermore, safeguarding involves every member of the school community in some way and we have a sharp eye on the particular circumstances and needs of all pupils, especially the most vulnerable.

Safeguarding at Whitecliffe can be summarised as: protecting children and learners from maltreatment; preventing impairment of children’s and learners’ health or development; ensuring that children and learners are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; undertaking that role so as to enable those children and learners to have optimum life chances and to enter adulthood successfully.

Leadership and management make safeguarding a priority across all aspects of school and have implemented the following practices:

  • Stringent vetting procedures in place for staff and other adults: See our Safer Recruitment Policy and Practice and Whistle Blowing Policy for further details. We also hold a Single Central Record listing of every adult who comes into contact with children in our school and the safety checks that have taken place to ensure everyone is safe to work with children. This is checked every half term by the Head Teacher and responsible Governor.
  • Rigorous safeguarding policies and procedures in place for Attendance, Behaviour and Anti-bullying, Child Protection, Safeguarding Health and Safety, E-safety and Acceptable User.
  • Child protection arrangements are accessible to everyone, so that pupils and families, as well as adults in the school, know who they can talk to if they are worried. See our child protection leaflet for parents and visitors for further information.
  • Rigorous monitoring of absence, with timely and appropriate follow-up, to ensure that pupils attend regularly. We view good attendance as imperative to achievement for all and as a result work closely with our parents to ensure children are in school regularly. See our Attendance Leaflet for parents and visitors to explain our systems which ensure good attendance.
  • Courteous and responsible behaviour by the pupils, enabling everyone to feel secure and well-protected; See our Behaviour Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy and whole school Promises.
  • A curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupils’ interest; that is used to promote safeguarding, by teaching pupils how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety; working relationships are currently being enhanced with Fire services, Police and Early Help organisations to extend and improve safeguarding outside of school and into our local community.
  • A high priority given to staff training in safeguarding and weekly staff meetings which have a standard agenda item for Safeguarding.
  • Robust arrangements for site security understood and applied by staff and pupils and implemented and monitored by an experienced Care Taker who ensures health and safety is at the heart of everything he does and is to a high standard.
  • Excellent communication system established with up-to-date information that can be accessed and shared by those who need it including a safe and secure record keeping system.

Should you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of children at Whitecliffe Primary School, please contact a member of the safeguarding team (See School Safeguarding Leaflet for contact details).


Safeguarding Documents


Safeguarding Policy Download
Acceptable Use Policy Download
SEN Policy Download
Sex and Relationships Policy Download
Equality Policy Download
Safeguarding Leaflet Download
Safeguarding Team Download
E-Safety Policy with Radicalisation Download
Anti-Bullying Policy Download
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Download


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