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School Council

Hello every one, we are Whitecliffe Academy’s

School Council

Lucy and Theo (Class 5), Tanya and Zack ( Class 4), Grace and Dylan ( Class 3),

Mia and Ethan ( Class 2 ) and Lily-Sue and Layton ( Class 1 )

Every year, the children who want to become class representatives, are selected by class members by a democratic vote. They make a small presentation to their class to show them that they would be a good member to give them a voice on the school council.

This year, the school council wanted a project. Having discussed a range of possibilities, the council asked their classes to vote on which project they wanted them to work on. The votes were returned and the result was that this year, we are working on improving the pond area.

Here is our Action plan:

  1. What do we want the pond area to look like?

This question was discussed in classes during their class meetings and children were invited to draw pictures of what they would like it to look like. Once they have been collected from the classrooms, the Council will decide which they feel is the best plan. The selected plan will be shared with the children in an assembly.

  1. How will the garden be used?

The suggestions made were for: a quiet space to sit and relax, a reading garden and writing area.

  1. What shall we call the area?

The classes will be asked for suggestions and then vote for the most popular.

  1. Who will do the work?

This will depend on the cost and what the children want in the garden.

  1. How much will it cost?

We will get quotes from the school gardener and other local businesses.

  1. How can we get the money?

Fund raising events- the classes will be asked to think of ideas.

Talk to Mr Cole to see if there would be any money available from the school funds.

  1. Who will use it and when?

Set up a rota to ensure that all children get the chance to use the space.

Deadline- work to be completed before the start of the next academic year.

Previous School Council Projects

Previous school councils have interviewed for the Head Teacher post, looked at plans and talked with builders about the Whitecliffe Children’s Centre and reported to Governors.

We are an Eco school which means we recycle paper, deal with dripping taps, keep our school garden tidy and save energy by turning off lights, computers and smart boards when they are not in use. We hold an Eco green flag award. We also run a healthy tuck shop.

Carlin How/Skinningrove Footpath

The footpath between Carlin How and Skinningrove was in a very bad state of repair and was very overgrown. As we often use the path, we decided to write some letters to persuade the council to repair it. We wrote to our local Member of Parliament and members of the council. We were very pleased that we got a response telling us that they would repair the path.

Bus Shelter for Skinningrove

The bus shelter in Skinningrove was removed because some youths had vandalised it. One day in September it rained very heavily and we got very wet waiting for the school bus. We decided we would write some letters to ask if we could have a new bus stop. Out letters were sent to the Council. A few weeks later we were told that we would get our new bus stop. Spike the Hedgehog came to one of our assemblies and brought us a letter thanking us for writing to the council and telling them about the bus stop.