Whitecloffe Primary School Sub Page Headline Image o Children using iPads in Lessons


Class / Year Group / Staff / Teacher

Head Teacher Mr Rob Cole
EYFS Provision:
2 Year Old Provision, Nursery and Reception

Assistant Head Teacher and EYFS Leader: Mrs Rebecca Lightwing 

Reception Teacher: Mr Michael Bennett

Room Leader for 2 year olds: Miss Sam Redford

Teaching Assistants : Mrs Julie Taylor, Mrs Claire Bowmaker, Mrs Carol McMillan

Class 1-Year 1/2 Teacher: Mrs Jennie Davies
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Marion Smith
Class 2 – Year 2 Teacher: Miss Katie Meadows

Teaching Assistant: Miss Emma Rookes

Class 3 – Year 3/4 Teacher: Miss Lorna Bambridge

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tracey Dixon

Class 4 – Year 4/5 Teacher: Mrs Christine Otto


Class 5 – Year 6 Teacher: Mrs Georgia Cunningham-Hanson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jackie Shelley

Support Staff  
French Assistants

Key Stage 2: Benoit Vendret

EYFS & KS1: Laure Leqeios

Pastoral Care Leader: Mrs Rebecca Lightwing
Counsellor: Mrs Susan Gowling
Specialist Social and Emotional Support Assistant: Mrs Val Rudd
Breakfast Club Staff: Mrs Tracey Dixon, Mrs Linda Donnelly, Miss Aimee Dixon
Dinner Ladies: Mrs Lynne Stelling, Mrs Valerie Thomson
Office Staff: Mrs Andree Husband & Miss Carla McQuade
Care Taker: Mr Dan Shinwell